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I am wanting to automatically select the option with the value of fr.

<select class="goog-te-combo">

<option value="">Select Language</option>
<option value="fr">French</option>


Is this possible with javascript or jQuery ?

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What do you mean by automatically select the option? Does it have to be selected after an event (click on a button, checking a checkbox...) or you just want it to be the default option? If the latter you are looking for the attribute "selected", if not try to be a little more specific and it will be easy to figure out ;) –  Michael Lumbroso Jun 29 '10 at 9:17

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This sets the French option:

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Without jQuery you need brute force

var country="fr";
//If you know the form and name of the select:
var sel = document.forms[0].sel1;

//If you know the id of the select:
var sel = document.getElementById('sel1');

// If you only know the className:
var sels = document.getElementsByTagName('select');
for (var i=0,n=sels.length;i<n;i++) {
  if (sels[i].className=="goog-te-combo") { // assume multiple selects with same class
    for (var j=0, m=sels[i].options.length;j<m;j++) {
      if (sels[i].options[j].value==country) sels[i].options[j].selected=true;
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The following snippet will also set the fr option:

$('option[value="fr"]').attr({selected: 'true'});
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