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I want to trying maven-jboss-plugin but I don't know what is this,and I want to deploy the war use the jboss-maven-plugin or maven-jboss-plugin?How to use?

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Maven-JBoss-plugin is deprecated.

Use jboss-maven-plugin as per the example here

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Hey JoseK, the maven-jboss-deploy-plugin is not to deploy to a jboss server. it is meant to "generate the required information to deploy a maven built project to the ant/buildmagic based repository." The jboss folks use it to generate the maven repository with third party libraries. to deploy to jboss you can either use the cargo plugin or just use the maven-antrun-plugin. –  feniix Jun 2 '11 at 23:56

Maybe you can use the maven-cargo-plugin ?

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For AS7, one can use the plugin provided by JBOSS itself.


One of the features I liked was the add-resource-goal.

It lets you add resources like datasource and JMS to your JBOSS server from your project's pom.xml.

Find more details here and here (deploy example).

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