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If website have h1 tags to include to cushycms its simple

<h1 class="cushycms"></h1>

But in case of JqGrid table how can its can work with cushycms? I need to insert class="cushycms" to columns names of jqGrid.

Example:How cushycms works with simple table(But with jqGrid I dont know):

<th class="cushycms">name</th><th class="cushycms">phone</th>

jqgrid example code- I dont see option to insert class="cushycms" to colums names:

     {"name":"OrderID","index":"OrderID","label":"ID","width":60, "key":true},
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I am confused, what exactly is the problem? Can you be more specific and/or provide more details? –  Justin Ethier Jun 29 '10 at 14:30
I need to work with columns jqGrid in cushycms. I add more details in my question. –  Yosef Jun 30 '10 at 20:56
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