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Is there a way that I can configure Visual Studio 2008 to understand CamelCase? Specifically, I'd like to be able to get ctrl + right or left cursor to take me to a subsection of a variable or type name.

i.e., if my cursor was at the start of this line:

LongNamedExampleClass longNamed = new LongNamedExampleClass();

and I hit ctrl + right, I'd like to jump to "Named" in the class name, rather than the start of the variable name. If I hit it again, I'd like to go to "Example". I hope that makes sense...

I used this navigational feature in eclipse quite a lot, and find it difficult to unlearn something so ingrained.

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Thanks for those who suggested Resharper. Gives me another reason to love it even more. Just to be specific about where this lives - JetBrains call it CamelHumps (cute) and you can switch it on using the menu:

Resharper -> Options -> Editor -> Use CamelHumps

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Resharper->Options->Environment->Editor->Editor Behavior->Use CamelHumps –  Stanislav Jul 23 at 9:37

It's not native to Visual Studio, but you can get it for free using CodeRush Express. (ReSharper and CodeRush require payment).

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Resharper supports that feature.

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If you have ReSharper installed you can also configure Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts "Alt-Right" and "Alt-Left" for CamelHump, without losing standard Visual Studio behaviour for "ctrl-right" and "ctrl-left".

Details here: http://davidrcook.wordpress.com/2009/11/05/working-with-camel-case-in-visual-studio/

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You just made my day. The perfect solution as camel humps can be such a pin with long identifiers (as anyone who uses Eclipse will attest) –  chrisb Mar 19 '13 at 16:47

Resharper does that. I suppose you could write your own addin to do the same.

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Visual Studio does not support this behavior. However, DevExpres's CodeRush! product supports navigation like this (using Alt-Left & Alt-Right), along with tons of other features to aid in navigation. The CodeRush! product is also bundled with their Refactor tool. They also offer a free CodeRush! & Refactor Express product, though I'm not certain if the Camel Casing navigation is part of the express product.

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I don't think Visual Studio supports this feature internally, as it seems to be using the normal way Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left work in Windows environment. But it's probably possible with some kind of extension or plugin.

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Making a guess about whether or not other people are going to be able to answer the question isn't really an answer to the question. –  GregNash Apr 29 at 14:35

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