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I want to know how to parse the robots.txt in java.

Is there already any code?

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Heritrix is an open-source web crawler written in Java. Looking through their javadoc, I see that they have a utility class Robotstxt for parsing the robots.txt file.

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There is a bug in Robotstxt. Please do not use it. Wasted a lot of time. To a file like this : User-agent : * Disallow: / AllowAll method of Robotstxt says "true". –  rajatIIT Apr 27 at 6:17

There's also jrobotx library hosted at SourceForge.

(Full disclosure: I spun off the code that forms that library.)

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There is also a new release of crawler-commons:


The library aims to implement functionality common to any web crawler and this includes a very handy robots.txt parser

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