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I am using the google ajax api loader and want to get all the information in german so I am loading the maps api like this

google.load("maps", "2", {language : "de"});

I have tried deu, ger, de, de_DE and even en and ja_JPbut no success.

For those who don't understand my problem: you can try it at the address is english on the english browser and german on the german browser

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This API doc indicates the limitations of the map localization

The language appears to just affect the interface (buttons etc), base_domain affects which services it uses. So base_domain forces it to use for the geocoding service.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
     google.load("maps", "2",{language: "de",base_domain: ''});

The loader doc mentions the base_domain.

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Not working for me :( I am using an english client(firefox) but my german IE shows it in german if I say language: 'en' it still shows me the german response – Thomaschaaf Nov 24 '08 at 14:48
I tested it using FF2/FF3 and IE6 with success with en/fr/de. Is any of the interface in showing up in the language you set? – cwhite Nov 24 '08 at 15:38 you can try it at the geolocation is english on the english browser.. – Thomaschaaf Nov 24 '08 at 19:20
I think I found it. Add {base_domain: ''} to the load params. – cwhite Nov 25 '08 at 1:19

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