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Hi I would like to learn k2.net what is the simplest way and is knowledge of sharepoint is mandatory? Any suggations body suggest me the easy approach.Thanks in advance.

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found this K2 workflow series. sharepointbuzzer.com/2013/10/21/k2-workflow-basics –  Manish Feb 7 at 15:43

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First off - knowlege of Sharepoint and InfoPath is definitely NOT required. K2 supports web pages as a front end with its own database backend. In fact (personal opinion), it is easier to learn the basics before you try and tackle Sharepoint integration.

K2 has excellent training if you are willing to spend the money for it. If not, they also have a great forum called k2 Underground (http://www.k2underground.com/). The included help files are fairly decent as well but not necessarily good as a tutorial.

My recommendation would be the official training if possible. Otherwise, just play around with the software and use the application help files and forums as resources.

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i found help.k2.com pretty helpful as well if you are a developer –  lancegoh Jun 4 '12 at 2:43

The book Professional K2 blackpearl is an excellent resource. It makes a good companion to the official training.

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This is the only one what I found k2 blackpearl tutorial.


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