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I'm building a videoconferencing application in OS X.

What technology would be best to use for real-time streaming video/audio captured from webcam/microphone in OS X?

So far I was unsuccessful with these methods:

  • using QTKit I captured the media, but there isn't a way to stream it (without using the QTSS which is too bloaty and hard to control programmatically).
  • using QT Java I got everything (almost) working, but the library is deprecated, it crashes every once in a while, signals memory leaking and there isn't a way to save preferences from a settings dialog
  • I installed gstreamer using Macports, but there isn't a working osxvideosrc (or audio for that matter)

My next target is VLC because it can access the webcam in OS X, but I'm not sure will it give me what I need - can I control it fully over an API and can I display the stream inside a Cocoa application (using QTKit's player)?

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Could of points:

  • Consider Flex/Flash and possible Adobe Air. Many people have written videoconferencing applications this way.
  • QT for Java is dated and not going anywhere.
  • VLC is a solid option. Stable, well known, powerful, and very mature.
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thanks for the advice. I will consider using Flex/Flash in the future. An update is that VLCkit can be used for stream playback in OS X and it's ligthly faster than QTKit, but sound didn't work. Anyway, if someone wants to try it, I put an installation guide here. – metakermit Mar 29 '11 at 11:08
@Dražen Lučanin: Sound didn't work...hmmm...have a look at the sound codec maybe? QT is very particular about the codecs it supports. – Stu Thompson Mar 29 '11 at 12:38
No, sound didn't work in VLCKit. The funny thing is that when I played the same stream in VLC player it worked, which is funny since I gave them both the same URL and they share code (or at least should). It also worked in QTKit, but the latency there is hardcoded by the Apple devs at 5 seconds so it's unusable for RTS. – metakermit Mar 31 '11 at 23:06

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