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I have a checked out a module. It's in /home/user/repositories/repository.

I want to export a folder inside this module. Suppose it's folder3.


I get into


and try to run

cvs export -r MYTAG -d MY_DIR folder3

But it doesn't work. I get:

-f server: cannot find module `folder3' - ignored
cvs [export aborted]: cannot expand modules

It's possible to export a folder inside a module inside Eclipse, or other visual editors. Which command they call do to it? Is it possible to "log" the executed command in visual editors?

Do I have to write the full path to export it, or does exist an alternative? What am I doing wrong? This can't be so difficult, I just want to export an specific folder from a cvs module using command line...

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My bad. I can export a tag that tagged a folder inside my module, using

cvs -d :pserver:user@localhost:2401/opt/cvs/ -q export -rProducts-250 -d Products-250 repository/folder1/folder2/folder3/
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