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I'm pretty new to Powershell. I have 2 different scripts I'm running that I would like to combine into one script.

Script 1 has 1 line

Stop-Process -ProcessName alcore.*  -force

It's purpose is to end any process that begines with "alcore."

Script 2 has 1 line as well

Start-Service -displayname crk*

It starts any service that begins with crk.

How can I combine these into one script? If the processes are running I wish to stop them, if not, I wish to start the services. How can I accomplish this?

I'm trying this but it's not working

$services = Get-Process alcore.*

if($services.Count -qe 1){
    Stop-Process -ProcessName alcore.*  -force
} else {

    Start-Service -displayname crk*

How can I do this correctly? Also should I wrap these up in a function and call the function? That seems a bit cleaner. Thanks for any help.


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Use Get-Service to get the service status. The process could be running but the service might be paused:

$services = @(Get-Service alcore.*)
foreach ($service in $services)
    if ($service.Status -eq 'Running')
        $service | Stop-Service
        Start-Service -DisplayName crk*
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you gave me some ideas. I ended up going this way. $processes = @(gps tcore.*) if($processes.Count -gt 0) { kill -ProcessName tcore.* -force } else { sasv -DisplayName AMS* } Thanks, ~ck – Hcabnettek Jun 29 '10 at 20:32

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