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I am running following command through EXEC PHP function. I am creating JPG from PDF file from ImageMagick Library.


/usr/local/bin/convert -density 500 '/home/pop/www/pdf/pdfSample.pdf' -resize 18% '/home/pop/www/images/pdfSample.jpg'

I am getting following Responses from EXEC PHP function.

Output Array:

    [0] => CRIT: rangecheck in .setuserparams
    [1] => Operand stack:
    [2] =>     --nostringval--  --nostringval--  --nostringval--

Exec Response: 1

Note: I have assigned 777 rights to PDF and IMAGES folder, but still getting same issue. I am running above command properly from shell.

Should I assign root owner group to PDF and IMAGES folder?

Please help me for this problem.

Thanks, Raheel

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After a few minutes poking at Google, the top search results suggests that "CRIT: rangecheck in .setuserparams" is an error in ImageMagick's convert program frequently caused by missing or ancient versions of Ghostscript and/or Freetype.

You'll want to get those installed and/or brought up to date.

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