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Usually to get the source code one can use source func_name but for a protocol like clipboard:// how to get it ?

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You can look at some of them using eg.

probe system/schemes/ftp

but others like clipboard:// are native and no source is available.

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that's really really really really really really a pity :) Rebol only supports text it should support picture. –  Rebol Tutorial Jun 30 '10 at 20:17
Sure, it has been long a source of frustration. Have a look at this mail-archive.com/rebol-list@rebol.com/msg14996.html by Gregg Irwin. –  Graham Chiu Jun 30 '10 at 23:17

Rebol 3 is open source now. Start here: https://github.com/rebol/rebol

The cross-platform portion of the clipboard port scheme is in src/core/p-clipboard.c and the platform-specific parts are in files like src/os/win32/dev-clipboard.c though at the time of writing this answer only Win32 and Android (in a third-party build) have clipboard support.

Rebol 2 and earlier are unlikely to be open sourced, sorry.

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