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I have one existing table for guests, with information such as name, passport number and such.

I want to make a new table for sales, and want to make it so that when a client is chosen from the existing table, certain fields are populated in the new table, such as passport number.

I am doing this with php and ajax.

Could someone point me in the general direction for where I should be looking to do this?

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You can do it from straight sql

$sql = "INSERT INTO sales (guest_id, passport_number) 
        VALUES ($guest_id, (SELECT passport_number FROM guests WHERE guest_id = $guest_id))";
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How would I relate this query to the php code....for examle, if I choose a guest from a dropdown box, how would I have the passport field on the form immediately filled in? –  Jacob Jun 29 '10 at 19:54
no need to fill in the passport field unless you want the user to see it. Just pass the guest_id to the code where your going to insert and then use that subquery (the second select statement) to grab your passport number. –  Justin Giboney Jun 29 '10 at 20:18

Does the new sales table have to have it's own copy of the passport number, etc?
You can have a relation between the two tables, pointing to data in the original table from the sales table, for new customers that are already in the original table.

Check out:


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