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What I have is:

<authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
    <authentication-provider user-service-ref="securityService"/>

As I understand, the default AuthenticationManager implementation is used. I need to override its method authenticate. Is there a way to provide my own AuthenticationManager implementation?

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You need to specify a customAuthenticationProvider first, like this:-

<bean id="customAuthenticationProvider" class="your.project.CustomAuthenticationProviderImpl">
    <property name="userDetailsService" ref="userDetailsService" />

    <security:authentication-provider ref="customAuthenticationProvider" />

Then, your custom authentication provider can extends Spring Security's AbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider where you can place your custom authentication code.

public class CustomAuthenticationProviderImpl extends AbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider {
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which all (minimum) methods needs to be written in CustomAuthenticationProviderImpl? –  instinct Jul 30 '14 at 13:50

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