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I am tasked with extracting data from 2 tables: Master and Charges. The common key is two alpha fields.

I need to filter the results by fields in each of the two tables-- Year and Office in the Master, and another alpha field in the Charges.

There are over a million master records, and about 4 charges for each on average.

The tables have come from a legacy system and are presently in Filemaker Pro Advanced version 10.

Once the filters are in place, I intend to export the data and further summarize the results in Excel, since I'm more familiar with that.

What is the most efficient way to join and filter this data?

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Define a relationship between the 2 tables, then do a find operation in the charges table. Be sure to allow indexing on the fields you're searching on, FileMaker should be able to do a relatively speedy search over the 4 million records if the fields are indexed.

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Does it matter where I define the relationship -- in the Master or Charges table? –  George W Jun 30 '10 at 16:07

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