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Some days ago, I saw this very interesting post:


and now, I'm sure that a custom right click can be used in Flash, throught JS.

The problem is.. that the guy who coded that, he used a "custom" swfobject (or older, dont know) and a "custom" index.template.html.

The problem is, I cant find a way to "merge" that code with the one that Flash Builder generates... seems like Flash Builder is saying: "is my way or the highway" :p

I think that all this problemas I'm having are cuz I dont have the enough JS or HTML knowloadge, I know it.

Any has some experience about this?, would be very appreciated.

Edit.: Basically, I need to "translate" that code to the a version that works ok on the Flash Builder generated html. Thx!

(I think, I have some div, or id, or something like that messed up... if you need it, I'll post the code I have)

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The example in the article you linked to may have worked with an older version of the Flash player, but it doesn't work for me. (FP 10.1, Safari 4.0). What is it you want to do with the right click? If it is to simply show a custom menu, that is possible. Otherwise I'm not aware of any other way to make use of the right click. –  Wade Mueller Jun 29 '10 at 22:08
I try to use the right click to give to it a functionality playing a Flash game, and.. I tryied that example on several browsers/OS and it worked just fine. Something I just find out, is that if I change the swfObject for a new one, it doesn't work. –  Artemix Jun 29 '10 at 22:18

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