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The System.Author Windows property is a multiple value string. Windows Search returns this value as an array of strings in a DataColumn. (The column's data-type is string[] or String().) When I call the WriteXML method on the resulting data-table, I get the following InvalidOperationException exception.

Is there a way to specify the data-table's xml-serializer to use for specific columns or specific data-types?

Basically, how can I make WriteXML work with this data-table?

System.InvalidOperationException: Type System.String[] does not implement IXmlSerializable interface therefore can not proceed with serialization.

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please show how you create the datatable... –  Yahia Jan 24 '12 at 22:58

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You could easily copy your DataTable changing the offending Authors column to a String and joing the string[] data with a proper delimiter like "|" or "; ".

DataTable xmlFriendlyTable = oldTable.Clone();
xmlFriendlyTable.Columns["Author"].DataType = typeof(String);
xmlFriendlyTable.Columns["Author"].ColumnMapping = MappingType.Element;
foreach(var row in oldTable.Rows) {
    object[] rowData = row.ItemArray;
    object[] cpyRowData = new object[rowData.Length];
    for(int i = 0; i<rowData.Length; i++) {
        if(rowData[i] != null && rowData[i].GetType() == typeof(String[])) {
            cpyRowData[i] = String.Join("; ", (rowData[i] as String[]));
        } else {
            cpyRowData[i] = rowData[i];
xmlFriendlyTable.WriteXml( ... );

NOTE Wrote the above in the web browser, so there may be syntax errors.

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I'd suggest changing the array to a List<string> rather than using a delimiter, even. –  Kevin Stricker Jan 26 '12 at 4:56

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