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I've got an ASP.NET webform with asp:TextBox and asp:RequiredFieldValidator at the bottom of the page. If client side validation fails on form submit - the page scrolls all the way up.

I'd like to maintain the scroll position on failed client-side validation.

I've found this solution, but it seems overly complex.

Any ideas?

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The best approach I've found, after looking at this pretty deeply, is to put your error messages at the top of the page in a Summary.

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weird, once i moved the validation summary to the top - scroll position stopped resetting. I have no idea why this happened - but thanks nevertheless. –  roman m Jun 29 '10 at 23:23

I was a bit stuck with this problem. This seemed to fix the problem for me.

I fixed it by adding this to the OnClientClick event of the input button.

onClientClick="window.scrollTo = function(x,y) { return true; };"

Have a look at here for more analysis. http://blog.waiholiu.info/2011/04/how-to-maintain-scroll-position-of-page.html

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Thank you for posting this. Worked great. –  jkirkwood Jun 11 '13 at 12:00

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