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how are you all?

I'm having a problem with the new XCode and I think someone where maybe can help me to solve this out. I will really appreciate it.

This is my problem: I have an XCode project that contains about 10 different targets, each one has it own provisioning profile (com.domain.app1, com.domain.app2 ... for example). I've created this project using XCode 3.1.4 and I'm developing on it for at least 2 months and all works fine. BUT, when I install the new 3.2.3 XCode the problems does start ...

The biggest problem that I'm having is that in the targets properties, I go to build, select Debug or Distribution and when I want to select the profile for code signing for the target, XCode doesn't show me anything! Just shows me my iPhone Developer Name for debug and distribution, but it doesn't show me the installed profiles.

Also, I have a new Mac, so I had exported and imported my developer profile from the older mac to the new, by using the import/export options that the Organizer provides me.

Finally ... I have tested to generate the Distribution binary for one of the target and it was generated all right. As a test, I had changed the Bundle identifier from the plist of the target and try to build it again an then XCode shows me the signing error ... So, someway XCode is relating the targets with the rights profiles, but it doesn't gives me the possibility to select which profile I wanna use.

Another test that I have made is to generate a new Provisioning profile, download it, install it and XCode doesn't show it neither in the installed list of Provisioning profiles for code signing.

I don't know what can I do .. some one have an idea that maybe can help me to solve this out? Really, I will appreciate it a lot!

Thank you all. Sebastian

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I forgot to mention that I have checked that I have all right (I think so ..) in my Key Chain and the provisioning profiles appears in the organizer window under the Provisioning profiles option. – Sebastian Jun 30 '10 at 2:48
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Hey Guys! I have found the problem ... in the target settings, I have "iPhone Simulator 3.2" in Base SDK, I changed it to "iPhone Device 3.2" and now it shows me all the available provisioning profiles that I have installed! I hope this will help somebody someday.. Thank you all anyway! I love stackoverflow!

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Thanks, that just saved me :) – user23743 Jul 2 '10 at 9:39

Sebastian was correct. When you change your "Base SDK" from simulator to device, it starts working as expected. That is, you will then see your full list of provisioning profile.

My basic problem is one target had the base SDK as a simulator. I was trying to debug on device, and XCode is using the wrong provisioning profile, so it's telling me that the Application Identifier doesn't match the one in my Info.plist. I'd try to change the provisioning profile the target was using, but I couldn't set it, until I set my base SDK to a device. I tried clicking on a tab on a menu box that said others, but it wouldn't show me the others.

Anyway, cheers!

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