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I want to learn to use OpenGL to load sprites and make the sprites move. I cant seem to find a single tutorial on 2D OpenGL game programming. From what I've read there are many advantages to using 2D with OpenGL rather than strictly SDL. So if anyone knows of a source code where I can move around a sprite like a simple game, like the basics of mario.

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GameDev.net have a tutorial that is almost spot on for what you want.

In general gamedev.net is a great resource for many game programming problems.

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I just googled sdl opengl tutorial and this came up as the second link. It shows how to convert an SDL surface to an opengl texture. opengl is very easy to learn (in comparison to direct X) just check the NeHe tutorials or grab a copy of the programming and reference manuals.

Note. I cant add more than 2 links for some reason so for the reference manual (which you will end up using alot more) simply replace the red for blue in the programming link.

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