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Following on from Debugging C# Custom Installer Classes, I am attempting to remotely debug a setup process running on another PC. After connecting to the remote msiexec process, the debugger reports that the PDB does not match image.

I have verified that remote debugging works by successfully connecting to and debugging a "normal" process on the same remote PC. Also, the debugger correctly loads the symbols for the same installation when run on my local machine.

Does anyone know of a work-around (or bug fix) that would enable me to remotely debug my custom installer class?


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you can disable the option that requires it to be an exact match and see if that helps. Otherwise, for the purpose of just checking, can you run VS on that box long enough to see if it doesn't show the issue? –  James Manning Jun 30 '10 at 5:48
Thanks, James, for the suggestion. I switched the option off, but I still get the same error. –  Purrquay Jul 5 '10 at 5:55
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