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I am trying to install the curb gem, which is libcurl bindings for Ruby, and of course I need to have "A working (lib)curl installation, with development stuff" installed on my computer. So, I went to the cURL Download Wizard and downloaded this package.

But adding the bin into my PATH does not produce improvement and I still get an error when I try to install the curb gem, such as:

extconf.rb:19: Can't find libcurl or curl/curl.h (RuntimeError)

Even though, curl is already in the PATH.

EDIT: I also tried raking the gem, as per the instructions. It fails saying "make failed" and throwing a bunch of errors like this:

C:/Ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/curb- undefined reference to `imp_curl_formadd'

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Execute Below command for windows only and its works

gem install curb --platform=mswin32

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