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I want to create an MSI in WiX such that it can take a command line parameter to indicate whether it is a per-machine or per-user installation and consequently whether to raise a UAC dialog.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

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This is the link for per-machine/per-user from MSDN.

so to change the values from the command line parameter, you'll need something like so:

msiexec /i myinstaller.msi ALLUSERS=[1|2]

Also, have a look at this link from wix-users

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The UAC dialog is controlled by a bit in the SummaryInformation stream. That, unfortunately, means it cannot be controlled at "run time" (install/repair/uninstall). You have to build different MSI files to truly change the UAC prompt.

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I haven't been able to test in Vista yet, but what works in XP for limited user per user install and admin user per machine install is the following:

msiexec /i myinstaller.msi ALLUSERS="" INSTALLDIR="C:\Documents and Settings[Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\My COmpany\My Program"

The INSTALLDIR can be anything that a limited user can write to. The above is the directory Google Chrome uses. Found from the following link that the ALLUSERS property can actually be blank which is distint from 1 or 2 and that correctly sets the ProgramDir and Desktop locations


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