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Everywhere is said that a Java identifier can start with all characters (but not digits) including $ and _

but I noticed that methods like isJavaIdentifierStart returns true also for other chars like §, £, etc

Is however correct starting an identifier with there characters?

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If isJavaIdentifierStart returns true for it, then by definition, it's a valid Java identifier starting character, because that's how the specification defines it:

      IdentifierChars but not a Keyword or BooleanLiteral or NullLiteral
      IdentifierChars JavaLetterOrDigit
      any Unicode character that is a Java letter (see below)
      any Unicode character that is a Java letter-or-digit (see below)
A "Java letter" is a character for which the method Character.isJavaIdentifierStart(int) returns true.

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The method means what it says.

It returns false for §, because it's not a letter, Character.getType('§') is not Character.LETTER_NUMBER, it's not a currency symbol, and it's not a connecting punctuation character.

It is true for the two currency symbols, because that is a specific criterion.

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