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Does anyone know why I can't use Eclipse CDT to remotely debug a device when I manage it on the command-line with gdb using target remote command? I do get a warning when connecting, but other than that it seems to work fine.

With Eclipse I should have the correct settings and gdbserver informs me on the remote machine that a connection was establised but after that Eclipse gives an error: 'Launching Debug' has encountered a problem. The request failed: Target is not responding (timed out). Remote device also says "Killing inferior" (which I don't get with gdb). The error log shows nothing else either.

I am using the same process, binary and gdb executable in both cases and connecting to the same device & port. I'm using gdb 7.1 and the host is 64-bit Ubuntu Lucid.

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I had same issue and found that iptables was generating issues.

Have you tried stopping or disabling your firewall? In case of iptables you have to do:

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

On the other hand, after you start your application (before connecting your debugger) have you checked the debug port availability through netstat?

#On linux
netstat -nap

#On windows
netstat -nab

Hope to help.

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