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Im playing around with rakudo perl6 lately and was searching for a project similar to cpan. I found cpan6 but i think there is no Perl 6 code yet.

So im looking for some alternative that does not necessarily aim to be a long term solution but is capable of maintaining modules and is written in Perl 6.

As rakudo development goes it might be possible to create more complex Perl 6 code soon.

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Your first stop for Perl 6 modules should be http://modules.perl6.org/. The command line installer that is being used and maintained at the time of writing this update (April 2013) is panda at https://github.com/tadzik/panda/.

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Markov owns cpan6.org and worked on-and-off for some years on it. Most people I've talked don't regard this project well for various reasons. Most existing Perl6 code lives somewhere else.

There's been talk on cpan-workers to simply extend the archive structure in some canonical way to make it more suitable for other languages.

You already can publish Perl6 code on CPAN if you create shims for the existing Perl5 based infrastructure, see Perl6-Conf as an example.

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If you want a command line utility you'll want to use neutro until they finish pls. Edit: The new hotness is panda. This will query modules available on the Perl6 website. It comes with the latest version of Rakudo * and is very simple to use.

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