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I have two problems with image upload in FCKeditor.

I. The folder for uploaded files is "user" and it situated in the root of the web-site. There are two ways to upload image in FCKeditor: 1. Insert/Edit Image - Browse Server - Upload a new file in this folder - Upload. Image is uploaded to the folder "Image", which situated in the folder "user". 2. Insert/Edit Image - Tab "Upload" - Upload - Send it to the server. Image is uploaded to the folder "user" and I can not see it, using Browse Server, because Browse Server shows folder "Image" (and other subfolders of "user"), not "user". How can I change it? I want to have access to images, which was uploaded using Tab Upload in the Browse Server, too. May be, I have some errors in configuration? I use ASP .NET connector, windows hosting (IIS 6.0). The configbration in config.ascx is following:

    string ex= Request.ApplicationPath;
    if (ex == "/") ex = "";
    // URL path to user files.
    //UserFilesPath = ex+"/user/";
    UserFilesPath = ex + "/";

II. When I use FCKedtor in the local computer, everything works fine. But when I upload image to the remote server using Tab "Upload", the component is hanging. Image really is uploaded to the folder, but FCKeditor hangs every time. Insert/Edit Image - Browse Server works fine in the remote server.

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I have solve the second problem. You have to patch the FCKEditor.

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