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On a 64-bit machine:

Can a 64-bit application call a COM server (out proc) which is running in 32-bit process?

What about vice versa? (32 bit app calling 64-bit COM out proc server)


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The whole point of out-proc COM is that the two processes interact via RPC (usually LRPC), so it doesn't matter at all which bitness each of them has.

We used COM+ surrogate for forcing 32-bit in-proc components into a separate process for the only purpose of consuming them from 64-bit clients many times - with all necessary stuff for marshalling present it works without any effort.

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This may be relevant MIDL: 64-Bit Porting Guide.

Basically what it says is that if you pass pointer types (IUnknown etc) it's OK but if you cheat by passing a pointer disguised as a DWORD you may face some problems.

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I guess you will face problems anyway if you try to pass DWORD as a pointer into another process - even of same bitness. –  sharptooth Jun 30 '10 at 9:53

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