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How can i know if a BluetoothSocket is still connected to the endpoint? How can i detect if the socket has been disconnected by the endpoint?


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In my apps, I keep track of I/O errors. If a successful read() takes place, then I reset the counters. If the error counters go up high enough (4-5 is usually a good number) then I consider the connection dead, and proceed to tear it down and re-build it.

The SDK talks about a state change intent, but I'm not clear whether it's referring to a specific connection, or the bluetooth adapter itself here:

Optionally, your application can also listen for the ACTION_STATE_CHANGED broadcast Intent, which the system will broadcast whenever the Bluetooth state has changed. This broadcast contains the extra fields EXTRA_STATE and EXTRA_PREVIOUS_STATE, containing the new and old Bluetooth states, respectively. Possible values for these extra fields are STATE_TURNING_ON, STATE_ON, STATE_TURNING_OFF, and STATE_OFF. Listening for this broadcast can be useful to detect changes made to the Bluetooth state while your app is running.

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hi Brad..it seems there is no other way to get it work :(..I thought that an alternative solution could be..but i didn't get any result till now..thanks for your reply. – hara Jul 4 '10 at 10:21
Thanks for the follow-up. I am surprised too there isn't a better (built-in) way out there of handling it (like a broadcast). – Brad Hein Jul 4 '10 at 13:29

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