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We are trying to find a set of tools to generate context-sensitive help files (CHM) and manuals (CHM and PDF) from the same sources.
Features wanted are:

  • able to deal with linked hypertext
  • must be able to generate CHM and PDF from
  • should be able to integrate documentation generated from code (currently XML comments)
  • cross-file links would be great
  • source format being plain text (SCM diff-able) would be truly glorious

I suppose that just about every software shop must have run into this problem.
How do you do this?
What tools do you use?
What's your experience with those?

Edit: I thought every shop providing Windows software would have to solve this and many of you would have input for this. It seems I was wrong. although I still wonder how you all do this.
Anyway, thanks for the input of those who answered. We haven't decided yet, but this bounty runs out in a few hours. Unless someone comes in with a glorious suggestion, since the answer suggesting docbook got the most up-votes, I'll pick that one.

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Have you considered DocBook? You can render that as just about anything. See this Code Project article for examples for CHM generation.

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No, so far we haven't looked at DocBook. We will do now, thank you. – sbi Jul 1 '10 at 6:51

You could achieve what you want if you implement the following:

1) Generate Html from XML

2) Generate CHM from Html

You can use Microsoft Html Help workshop to generate CHM files using Html, see:

3) Generate PDF from Html using an Html-to-PDF tool.

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I'm afraid that PDF generated from HTML might be hard to layout nicely. The same goes for the other direction. That's why we were looking for a format from which to generate both of them. – sbi Jul 14 '10 at 18:11

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