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i would like change my tools to open source. Curently im using TFS work item, is there any open source alternative for Microsoft TFS Work item manager which eaisly integrate with Visual Studio?

thanks for any suggesting.

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So you want your work item tracker to be open source and yet integrate it with a proprietary IDE? –  AakashM Jun 30 '10 at 10:29
Do you want the same functionality (i.e. this is purely about changing from proprietary to open) or is there some functional gap in TFS you want to address? Also what capabilities of TFS do you use (e.g. work item customisation or work item workflow)? –  Richard Jun 30 '10 at 10:32

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Since you asked only about work item tracking I am giving an answer considering work item tracking, nothing else...
I can recommend JIRA for you.

Even tough I am a TFS fan, I gotta admit Atlassian JIRA is a very cool piece of software. The main advantage of JIRA over TFS work item tracking is extensibility.

TFS does allow you to customize any work item's fields, rules and state flow but JIRA allows you to step in anywhere you like (as long as you are OK with writing some Java code.). You can run any code anywhere in the process. This makes it extremely powerful.

JIRA is free for open source developers. If not open source, cost is very low for up to 10 developers.

IDE integration is a problem and I don't think you can find a tool other than TFS that integrates into Visual Studio IDE that good. But JIRA has a web interface and Visual Studio is capable of opening web pages so we can consider this some kind of an IDE integration :)

If you are expecting work item system to be integrated with source control, build systems, etc. , that is a whole different story.

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I would suggest you to install only TFS Client.

This is much faster and same look you get in Visual Studio

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