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I'm a drupal newbie...

Is there any way to list in my custom-node.tpl.php what fields are available to use for my current node?

for example, at View, when I write

print var_export($data,TRUE);

to php customfield, it gives me a list of available fields. is there any equality func. for using in any node.tpl.php?

Apprecate helps! thanks a lot!


Devel Module lists all

alt text

I can print field_gues_amenities as below;

print $node->field_quest_amenities[0]['view'];

but how can I print taxonomy > name ?

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but how can I print taxonomy > name ?

Bellow will print the taxonomy name

print $node->taxonomy[1]->name

You can traverse objects using -> and traverse arrays using []

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works great!! thanks a lot!!! – designer-trying-coding Jul 2 '10 at 9:15

You can use the php function get_defined_vars. However the easy way to do it in this case is to enable the devel and devel theamer modules and use the themer info box on the front end to inspect what is going on.


I belive you should loop through the taxonomy array and output the names. From memory it is taxonomy, then the taxonomy id rahter than a numerically ordered array.

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woa Devel is the way! thanks a lot! I updated the question, can you please give a quick look! appreciate helps! thanks so much! – designer-trying-coding Jun 30 '10 at 11:10

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