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I'm using jQuery AJAX to retrieve a page with different user selected options. I'd like the page to appear by default with default options so in $(document).ready I call the function which contains the AJAX.

This creates a delay in loading as the browser first loads the actual page, then the jQuery javascript file and then finally it requests the other page.

How can I have the content already appear by default - is there something I can do server side (classic ASP)?


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if you are putting the content inside a Div let's say...

<div id="my_dynamic_content">This is the default content, just put it here from server side code</div>

in your js code

$("#my_dynamic_content").html( data );

This way is the way I am providing alternate content for flash as well, I just put some content in the DIV and the replacing it in JS code.

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Thanks, thought so. From the server side, either get the content by simulating an AJAX call by POSTing data with ServerXMLHTTP, or put the code in the page I'm calling into a Subroutine and change the page I call to just call the Subroutine and then I can call the Subroutine for the default view. –  Igor K Jun 30 '10 at 11:03

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