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I'm not quite sure I understand what Html.RenderAction() does. I've just noticed one weird behavior when using it:

In View/Contacts/Edit.aspx I used Html.RenderAction("ModalAddNote") which contains form for adding Notes for Contact. This is for ajax usage (it is opened in modal dialog). Problem occurs when I create method ModalAddNote: now, when I submit page for editing Contact I am being redirected to Contacts/ModalAddNote and not to Contacts/Edit. If I delete Html.RenderAction("ModalAddNote") then it works fine. Why is that so and how to control it?

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Hard to tell without seeing the code. Do you use BeginForm without arguments()? How do you show modal form? Do you avoid having form inside form? Do you remove modal notes form after it's submitted? Or do you submit contact without closing modal form? – queen3 Jun 30 '10 at 11:22
I found the problem... thanks anyway! – ile Jun 30 '10 at 11:55
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I found where the problem was... I had two ModalAddNote methods - one without and one with HttpPost, so when the page was submitted, Html.RenderAction("ModalAddNote") would call the one with HttpPost attribute

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