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I'm looking for a C# textbook that has some interesting exercises at the end of each chapter. I'm not talking about 10 easy quiz problems that most books come with these days. I'm talking about doing exercises that asks you to write a program such as PayRoll, Cost Calculator, etc.?

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Depends on how experienced you are. I read Head First C# a few years ago which aims at newbies, but there were some cool excercises in it. On the other hand, i read SCJP 1.6 which is a certification guide for sun certified java programmer. there were some good questions in it but it was mostly about reading existing code. Maybe you want to get a certification guide for any .NET certification at your level? There should be some good stuff out there.

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by the way, i dont think there are c# "quiz books" around but it would be nice. if your german, have a look at mycsharp.de - theres a thread going on with coding quizzes. whoever solves it first has to give the next excercise which is quite fun. –  atamanroman Jun 30 '10 at 11:53

Its not specific to C#, but I'd recommend "Pragmatic Programmer" if you are also looking for excercises in good programming practices. Each chapter has a selection of exercises to reinforce the topic taught.... and they aren't necessarily simple either, especially if you are new-ish to the topic.

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I use Deitel's Visual c# 2010 how to program book. They contain a lot of puzzles and exercises which are really interesting and more challenging have a look at it.

visit Deitel web site for more information

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