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I'm using tablesorter and have problems with sorting tables that contain rowspan in definition. I've read hints here but solution doesn't work when I have different values for rowspan: once is rowspan=3, once 4 - depends on data taken from DB.

Do you have any other plugin that sorts even such non-standard tables or maybe you know how to tune tablesorter so it sorts data properly?

Expected behaviour: when clicked on column, rows "belonging" to rowspan should be sorted within this section only, all the others - in a standard way.

Thanks in advance,


Table code example:

  <table id="misint" border=1 width="400px">
        <tr style="background:yellow">
          <td rowspan="3">1-1</td>
          <td rowspan="2">5-2</td>

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Can you give some example markup? – James Jun 30 '10 at 12:29
Have you solved this problem, if yes, please provide some solution or idea, I am also having the same problem. – Nikhil Jain Feb 28 '11 at 10:18

You should look into the parser functionality of table sorter. You'll need to develop your own parser that will be able to recognize the cells properly.

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