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The xml file is having the following structure

    <Child value="A"/>
    <Child value="B"/>
    <Child value="C"/>
    <Child value="D"/>
     <Child value="E"/>

and the dictonary

     Dictionary<int, string> dict = new Dictionary<int, string>();

i need to read the attribute value of "value" from the file and add the same to the dictonary as value and index as key



for this i'm using the XML to LINQ query as

    dict = XDOC.Load(Application.StartupPath + "\\Test.xml"). 
                Descendants("Child").ToDictionary("????", x => x.Attribute("Value").Value);

wat i have to use in the place of "????" in the query

please give a solution to do this

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dict = XDOC
    .Load(Application.StartupPath + "\\Test.xml")
    .Select((x,i) => new {data=x, index=i})
    .ToDictionary(x => x.index, x => x.data.Attribute("Value").Value);
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You're immediate problem is that you can't have two entries in the dictionary with the same keys, I'm assuming you'll want some sort of identifier....

int i = 0;
var dic = XDOC.Load(...)
  .ToDictionary(el => (i++), el => el.Attribute("value").Value);

But then, if its just a sequential collection, why not just use a list:

var list = XDOC.Load(...)
  .Select(el => el.Attribute("value").Value)

Edit: I didn't know about the element index part, good call peoples!

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+1 for the simplicity of the ToList() – Toby Jun 30 '10 at 13:06
The Select overload is way to go. Not too keen on Linq with side effects. The list idea is pretty astute though :) – spender Jun 30 '10 at 13:07

I assume you don't actually want them all to have the same key, but rather an index value indicating their position in the original set:

        var dict = xDoc.Descendants("Child")
            .Select((xe, i) => new { Index = i, Element = xe })
            .ToDictionary(a => a.Index, a => a.Element.Attribute("value").Value);
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If you need access to the index of an element in a sequence, you can use the overload of Enumerable.Select that takes a Func<TSource, int, TResult>.

dict = XDOC.Load(Application.StartupPath + "\\Test.xml")
    .Select((element, index) => 
        new { index, value = element.Attribute("Value").Value })
    .ToDictionary(x => x.index, x => x.value);
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