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I am having a problem with nested EL for <t:inputText> required Attribute. I am using tomahawk implementation. I have a dataTable with 2 columns of inputText. I have forceId=true for both the inputText boxes. When you look at view source of page, id's looks as postal[0] and zone[0] where postalCode and zone are the id's of textBox and the number 0 is the rowId of dataTable.

My requirement here is zone inputText is required only when postal is not empty. I have written something like below which I know is not right.

required="#{!empty param['postalCode[#{rowIndex}]']}">

Can some one suggest how to do it?

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This should work:

required="#{!empty paramValues.postalCode[rowIndex]}"

The #{} returns a String[] with values in the indexed order.

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