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I have one Class with 2 methods. The first method is called by the view with some GET parameters ( params[:page] ). I would like to save those params and send them by a render action to my second method.

class exemple
  def first
    ## sql save of params[:page] 
    render :action => "second"

  def second
    ## Here I need my params[:page] to do paginate stuff
    respond_to do |format|

So my question is : How can I send params with a render :action ?

thanks :)

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render :action => "second"

When you render, then your method written in :action is not called, only the view with that action name is called.

In your example, when you render, then your method second is not called but you are instead rendering the second.html.erb view.

For more details refer to this.

To call that method you have to use redirect_to, which looks something like the following:

redirect_to :action => "second", :page=> 4
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thanks for your answer ! :) I tried with redirect_to and it's working but I would like to send ALL the GET params of the first method to the second. Do you know a solution or I have to send all the params one by one ? –  Swann Jun 30 '10 at 15:43

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