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I'm working on a site that is partially static content and partially MVC. The root of the site is index.html and I have all of the controllers explicitly routed and all html files ignored. However, when you hit the root of the website, it tries to route it. How can I tell the route engine to ignore the root of the site? www.mysite.com should not be routed, but instead go to index.html. Here is my routing configuration:


            new { controller = "Signup", action = "Index", vendor=UrlParameter.Optional}  // Parameter defaults
            new { controller = "Signup", action = "Index", vendor=Vendors.PCICentral}  // Parameter defaults
//more routes below
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I believe what you mean is when someone accesses / on your website, you don't want to use MVC, but show a static page. To achieve this, you need to tell MVC to ignore that route and let webforms handle it. Webforms then should show you /index.html when it gets the request /.

Simply adding this before your routes should work:

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One of the routes was still in {} which made it try to parse the root.

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Hi, is your above code correct with this last idea? –  JasonMenny Sep 29 '11 at 14:06

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