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I've done quite a bit of WF development using 3.5 over the last few years, but am just now ramping up on WF in 4.0. I have a TDD bent, and while WF 3.5 was difficult at times to unit test, I'm wondering if anyone could share their strategy for unit testing workflows in WF 4 and/or point me to resources that would help get me started?

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The easiest approach is, just like in WF35, to separate the implementation from the activity so they can be tested independently of each other. The activity extension is just a regular class so use whatever you are comfortable with. Most activities can be unit tested quite easily using the WorklfowInvoker.

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agreed, and I will certainly do that. That said, any testing examples or best practices from your own use that you'd like to share? – Brandon Satrom Jul 1 '10 at 14:18
Big +1. There are some nice examples in the Pro WF 4 book by Bukovics. – TrueWill Jan 25 '11 at 19:30

I completely agree with Maurice on testing activities independently. For unit testing workflow services, there is now Microsoft.Activities.UnitTesting. Download from the CodePlex page.

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