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I've followed these instructions to set up Django with multiple databases. It's working as intended in my local dev environment (win7), however, when I upload the project to my live server (webfaction), I get

ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing database router MyCustomRouter: "No module named path.to.my.router"

From the Django shell, I can import MyCustomRouter:

>>> from path.to.my.router import MyCustomRouter

I'm running django 1.2.1 and python2.6 both locally and on live server...

Any hints what could be causing this behavior or how to debug are be greatly appreciated!



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I had the same problem. I had defined a router in models.py. Moving the class definition into its own file (I named mine router.py), and updating settings.py accordingly, resolved the error.

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path.to.myrouter is just a placeholder.

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Just add the following to your setting.py file

DATABASE_ROUTERS = ['myapp.routers.MyApp2Router',]

rename your router file routers.py

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