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I need to strip the character "'" from a string in python. How do I do this?

I know there is a simple answer. Really what I am looking for is how to write ' in my code. for example \n = newline.

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Just for clarification: In python parlance, strip means Return a copy of the string with leading and trailing characters removed. – arun Jun 11 '15 at 17:11
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As for how to represent a single apostrophe as a string in Python, you can simply surround it with double quotes ("'") or you can escape it inside single quotes ('\'').

To remove apostrophes from a string, a simple approach is to just replace the apostrophe character with an empty string:

>>> "didn't".replace("'", "")
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Here are a few ways of removing a single ' from a string in python.

  • str.replace

    replace is usually used to return a string with all the instances of the substring replaced.

    "A single ' char".replace("'","")
  • str.translate

    In Python 2

    To remove characters you can pass the first argument to the funstion with all the substrings to be removed as second.

    "A single ' char".translate(None,"'")

    In Python 3

    You will have to use str.maketrans

    "A single ' char".translate(str.maketrans({"'":None}))
  • re.sub

    Regular Expressions using re are even more powerful (but slow) and can be used to replace characters that match a particular regex rather than a substring.

    re.sub("'","","A single ' char")

Other Ways

There are a few other ways that can be used but are not at all recommended. (Just to learn new ways). Here we have the given string as a variable string.

Another final method can be used also (Again not recommended - works only if there is only one occurrence )

  • Using list call along with remove and join.

    x = list(string)
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Do you mean like this?

>>> mystring = "This isn't the right place to have \"'\" (single quotes)"
>>> mystring
'This isn\'t the right place to have "\'" (single quotes)'
>>> newstring = mystring.replace("'", "")
>>> newstring
'This isnt the right place to have "" (single quotes)'
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You can escape the apostrophe with a \ character as well:

mystring.replace('\'', '')
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