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I need to strip the character "'" from a string in python. how do I do this? I know there is a simple answer. Really what I am looking for is how to write ' in my code. for example \n = newline.

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As for how to represent a single apostrophe as a string in Python, you can simply surround it with double quotes ("'") or you can escape it inside single quotes ('\'').

To remove apostrophes from a string, a simple approach is to just replace the apostrophe character with an empty string:

>>> "didn't".replace("'", "")
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Thanks, exactly what I was looking for –  Richard Jun 30 '10 at 16:12

Do you mean like this?

>>> mystring = "This isn't the right place to have \"'\" (single quotes)"
>>> mystring
'This isn\'t the right place to have "\'" (single quotes)'
>>> newstring = mystring.replace("'", "")
>>> newstring
'This isnt the right place to have "" (single quotes)'
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You can escape the apostrophe with a \ character as well:

mystring.replace('\'', '')
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