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I'm trying to get the current directory of the file in Javascript so I can use that to trigger a different jquery function for each section of my site.

if (current_directory) = "example" {
var activeicon = ".icon_one span";
elseif (current_directory) = "example2" {
var activeicon = ".icon_two span";
else {
var activeicon = ".icon_default span";


Any ideas?

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window.location.pathname will get you the directory, as well as the page name. You could then use .substring() to get the directory:

var loc = window.location.pathname;
var dir = loc.substring(0, loc.lastIndexOf('/'));

Hope this helps!

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my joomla site produces url's like this: localhost/sub/sub/sub/index.php/ali-mm-d#tab2 (among other strange things) thus this approach produces NOT a directory, but rather: localhost/sub/sub/sub/index.php –  dsdsdsdsd Jul 26 '12 at 11:21

You can use window.location.pathname.split('/');

That will produce an array with all of the items between the /'s

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Assuming you are talking about the current URL, you can parse out part of the URL using window.location. See: http://java-programming.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_get_url_parts_in_javascript

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This will work for actual paths on the file system if you're not talking the URL string.

var path = document.location.pathname;
var dir = path.substring(path.indexOf('/', 1)+1, path.lastIndexOf('/'));
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For both / and \:

window.location.pathname.replace(/[^\\\/]*$/, '');

To return without the trailing slash, do:

window.location.pathname.replace(/[\\\/][^\\\/]*$/, '');
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