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I am using Drigg on Drupal 6.17. Drigg has a content type called as "Scoop". I try to change the labels and order of fields. Normally, this is done in Content Management > Content Types > Manage Fields . But some fields that are shown in Create Content screen are not shown in Manage Fields screen.

The screenshot of Manage Fields is here:

alt text

The screenshot of Create Content view is here:

alt text

The first three fields (Submit the scoop as.., Scoop's URL, Scoop) in Create Content form are not shown in Manage Fields view.

I would like to ask the reason for this. They must be defined somewhere else. Where is it?

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Manage fields is for editing CCK fields that you have added. Other fields from different modules often have a weight setting that you can change to move the field up and down, which you would get to from the main content type editing page.

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Thank you. Then these three initial fields are added outside of CCK. They might have a weight setting but its existence and place depends on the module which added those fields. – Mert Nuhoglu Jun 30 '10 at 17:25

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