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I am about to choose hosting provider for my Django project. I took a look on a linode and it looks very promissing. It looks like very elastic solution but in my case this might be a disadvnatage since I'm not so experienced in servers configuration (alternative provider for me has great tools to quickly do the job, but linode has more competitive power/price ratio).

Do you have some experience in linode configuration for Django projects?

EDIT: To be more precise: I am not so affraid about django packages installation but more about application server/database server/security/all that stuff configuration.

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Whether you stick to the Django packages that your distribution provides (Ubuntu seems to be best) or use easy_install, Django is pretty easy to get going. The host that you're looking at, Linode, has Django setup guides for a variety of distributions. I recommend mod_wsgi with Ubuntu 10.04 from that list.

I've personally used Django on my Linode, and it works fine. Well, in fact. For your intents and purposes you can think of a Linode as a dedicated server, and it will behave entirely the same for Django.

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Thanks for response. I am not so affraid about django installation but more about application server/database server/security configuration. –  dzida Jun 30 '10 at 17:47
Well, not meaning to be disrespectful - but you're basically asking how to be a system administrator. That's a very broad question, and there's a lot of self-help out there...or perhaps you know someone who can show you the ropes. –  Jed Smith Jun 30 '10 at 18:05

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