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I have a large db with many tables and sprocs, and I want to find and see, for example, if there is a table with a name that has "setting" as part of it. I'm not very familiar with SqlServer's System Databases like master, msdb etc., I know there is a way to query one of those dbs to get what I need back, does someone know how to do it?

Thank you, Ray.

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SQL Server also supports the standard information schema views. Probably better to use them, since this query should also work across different database engines if you ever need to do a migration:

SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tables where table_name LIKE '%Settings%'
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the table you want is sys.objects

FROM sys.objects
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The table with the info you seek is called sysobjects. Here's a query for what you describe:

SELECT * FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'U' AND NAME LIKE '%setting%'

(U is the type for user tables)

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sysobjects is now depracated by MS. You should use sys.objects instead. –  Giacomo Degli Esposti Nov 24 '08 at 23:34

For Sql Server 2005

SELECT * FROM sys.objects where type in ('U') and name like '%setting%'

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