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Is there an existing PHP/MySQL CMS that would be appropriate to manage multiple websites with one backend? The sites will most likely exist on multiple servers and will have different domains. I took a look at wordpress MU, however it doesn't appear to have features for sites on different domains or servers. A CMS that also has an API for publishing would be ideal, as we need to keep track of what content and articles are on what site (I plan on building a Document management system to integrate with the cms). Right now it is looking like I might have to build a custom CMS, but I realllllly don't want to do that as it would require me to reinvent the wheel :-/ Thanks so much guys :)

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You could take a look at Drupal, with its multiple domain support, there's a module which I don't think is supported now and another domain access project which if not entirely suitable might give you some pointers in how to design your own. drupal.org/project/domain PS wheels should be round :P –  delete me Jun 30 '10 at 20:41
The different domains won't be your problem. Different servers, yes. You'll need an some way of authenticating and sending the requests to and from your servers. Some XML thingy maybe. –  Rimian Jul 1 '10 at 12:18

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