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I am developing a site using kohana 2.3 and am having trouble with a specific ORM query. Essentially what I am doing is the following query

   FROM 'records'
   WHERE ('ServRepSupervisor' = name AND 'Followup_read' = 0) OR ('ServRepSupervisor' = name AND `read` = 0)

when I try the ORM query like this...

$unread = ORM::factory('record')
   ->where(array('ServRepSupervisor' => Auth::instance()->get_user()->name, 'Followup_read' => 0))
   ->orwhere(array('ServRepSupervisor' => Auth::instance()->get_user()->name, 'read' => 0))

the query i end up with is

SELECT `records`.*
   FROM (`records`)
   WHERE `ServRepSupervisor` = 'name' AND `Followup_read` = 0
   OR `ServRepSupervisor` = 'name'
   OR `read` = 0

How can I rework that ORM query to produce the intended result?

EDIT: I managed to get it to work but it does not seem like a very elegant solution.

$unread = ORM::factory('record')
   ->where('(\'ServRepSupervisor\' = \'' . Auth::instance()->get_user()->name . '\' AND \'Followup_read\' = 0) OR (\'ServRepSupervisor\' = \'' . Auth::instance()->get_user()->name . '\' AND \'read\' = 0)')

This returns the dataset I want but it's just ugly code. There must be a better way of doing this.

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2 Answers

ko3 has methods like ->where_open() and ->where_close(), ko2 doesn't

so that's the best solution

ps: i would cache the user btw

$current_user = Auth::instance()->get_user();
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unfortunately I cannot "upgrade" this project to KO3 due to time constraints and caching the user isn't really needed. This application gets exactly 2 hits per week. But thank you just the same for the input. –  DewBoy3d Jul 2 '10 at 13:24
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Well after a bit of research, I have found a patch for altering KO2 ORM to have open_paren() and close_paren() but the default behavior of orwhere in KO2 does not allow the desired operation so the parens will not help me. I have resigned myself to the fact that the detailed where() method that I am using is the best option for me given my time constraints. I have altered the query slightly to accommodate some peculiarities in my mysql instance.

This works and is the final query for this project.

$unread = ORM::factory('record')
   ->where('(ServRepSupervisor = \'' . Auth::instance()->get_user()->name . '\' AND Followup_read = 0) OR (ServRepSupervisor = \'' . Auth::instance()->get_user()->name . '\' AND records.read = 0)')
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